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Private Cannabis Catered Events/Edibles

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Chef J


Chef J is a well known cannabis expert, entrepreneur, restaurateur and respected authoritie on cannabis. He is very knowledgeable in the field of medical marijuana, cultivation, oil/shatter/wax production, processing, garden yields, dosages levels, commercial intent -making edibles, personal use and cannabis culture. With over 20 years in the cannabis/restaurant industry Chef J has created many new and innovative cannabis infused food products and dinner parties. From his signature line of handcrafted brownies, to his line of all natural flavored syrups and specialty gourmet chocolates truffles. Chef J has created a in house mixed “recipe” for Chef J’s Pre Roll line-of award winning Jrollz. We have many new products coming this spring of 2018. OG KITCHEN has cooked many private cannabis dinners for celebrities and royality alike. As a Cannabis curator, we do much more than navigate the complex choices of strains, there is value-add by connecting you in a direct linage to the farms themselves. We visit the farms to choose those which follow organic and natural practices, use the newest methods, have the best and most popular strains. We make sure all the facilities are compliant. OG KITCHEN keeps tabs on the process as the flowers make their way through the closed-loop ecosystem from the farm to table. We strive to create amazing experiences thru our edible line, cannabis dinner/events and ever changing smokeable products.

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OG Catering & Events


OG KITCHEN is a Farm-to-Table Cannabis Catering Event Company based out of the Los Angels CA. We have been a leader in the local marijuana food movement for over the past 10 years, We are passionate about the food we create, customizing menus/private events that showcase the seasonal bounty that California has to offer.  We use local Farms and purveyors, selecting the best flowers, concentrates, fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy available. We craft customized meals that celebrate the seasons. Our reputation has been built on quality and consistent food and exceptional service. From a Simple Backyard BBQ to a 10 course tasting menu all infused with cannabis and paired with wines and tasty smoke abels. Contact our catering cffice today

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OG Catering and Events
"Life is a Combination of Magic, Marijuana and Good Food"




OG KITCHEN is a commercial edibles company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our goal is to provide alternative forms of medication. from our classic Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies to treats like our Infused Lollipops, Hard  Candies, Gourmet Chocolates, Gummies and Syrups. With a constantly “evolving” menu and the promise of DELICIOUSNESS, high quality edibles at a homemade price; you are SURE to be satisfied. Send us an email at to see where are edibles are sold and availability in your area. 

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making the world a happier place thru our infused food products and cannabis catered events

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